Change Machines

Change Machines


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First class money changers from the market leader +++ WGS 100 - the Mini Changer +++ WGS 200 - the Casino Changer +++ WGS 300 - the Multitalent +++ WGS 1001 - the "Jack of all Trades" +++ WGS 2001 - the High-End Changer +++ Cash-Center - the new Dimension of changing money      

The right solution for every need

Money handling with machines determines our everyday lives more and more, and not just in casinos and arcades. This also increases the requirements for modern money changing systems.
This is true for flexible equipment, as well as for the supply of banknotes, coins, or tokens and even starting with smaler devices.

High security requirements

We place emphasis on the use of first-rate acceptance and dispensing components for banknotes and coins and on the proven construction of stable device housing.
The higher the security class, the more secure your money is from authorized access.

Individual Design

Money changers by GeWeTe can be equipped with additional comonents depending upon requirements. They are thus optimized in regrad to application and remain simple to operate and maintain. We place special emphasis on modern functions, which make networking with other units possible, for example.  

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