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Coin Recycler

The money changer,
that makes the changing of coins into banknotes
to a child`s play.

Banknote in – coins out
Coins in – banknote out

Actually no great shakes.
But if you can feed in 20, 50, 100 or up to 200 coins at one time instead of feeding coin by coin that will increase your interest.

And the internally counted coins will than be guided to two hoppers, so that the “coin recycling” will be perfect.

 Leaflet Coin Recycler (123 KB) download here


System design

  • Choice of banknote validator
    JCM EBA 30 or JCM UBA 10 (optional with cashbox for up to 800 notes)
  • Acceptance of up to two typ of coins
    Recyling of the accepted coin,
    guided to 2 hoppers which are combined with a great extention
  • Up to 4 hoppers for the payout of coins
    Often with very large top units that makes a very high coin capacity possible
  • Banknote dispenser Mini Mech
    Stock for up to 1000 banknotes
  • GeWeTe Security class B
    that means good security against break-in

Technical Data

Cabinet (height / width / depth): 170 cm / 73 cm / 46 cm
One cabinet without undercompartment.
Floor plate (width / deepth): 91 cm / 75 cm

Cabinet: approx. 230 kg
Floor plate: approx. 44 kg