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  First class money changers from the market leader +++ WGS 100 - the Mini Changer +++ WGS 200 - the Casino Changer +++ WGS 300 - the Multitalent +++ WGS 1001 - the "Jack of all Trades" +++ WGS 2001 - the High-End Changer +++ Cash-Center - the new Dimension of changing money      

The right solution for every need

Money handling with machines determines our everyday lives more and more, and not just in casinos and arcades. This also increases the requirements for modern money changing systems.
This is true for flexible equipment, as well as for the supply of banknotes, coins, or tokens and even starting with smaler devices.

High security requirements

We place emphasis on the use of first-rate acceptance and dispensing components for banknotes and coins and on the proven construction of stable device housing.
The higher the security class, the more secure your money is from authorized access.

Individual Design

Money changers by GeWeTe can be equipped with additional comonents depending upon requirements. They are thus optimized in regrad to application and remain simple to operate and maintain. We place special emphasis on modern functions, which make networking with other units possible, for example.  

WGS 100


Minimum space required
while maintaining all of the functions of a "large" money changing system. Banknote or coin acceptance for dispensing of up to two types of coins (also tokens)

High degree of security
in the checking, processing, and dispensing of coins and banknotes by using the well-proven GeWeTe control unit

Solid workmanship
of the steel plate housing (3mm steel) with 3-point locking and security lock. High-quality and robust 2-coat paint with crystal colour.

 Leaflet WGS 100 (73 KB) download here

System design

System functions

System options

Technical data

WGS 102

Mini-Changer with new technologie

Acceptance of banknotes and coins
The small solution for changing money or purchasing tokens. It requires a minimum amount of space and is available in three variants - with
banknote acceptor or with coin acceptor or with banknote and coin acceptor. It can dispense two types of coins or tokens, the stock is sufficient for up to 4,000 units.

High degree of security
The WGS 102 enables high degree of security in the checking, processing, and dispensing of coins, tokens and banknotes as all other changers from GeWeTe.

Solid workmanship
GeWeTe security class A
Steel plate housing (3mm steel) with 3-point locking and security lock. High-quality and robust 2-coat paint with crystal colour.

 Leaflet WGS 102 (77 KB) download here

System design


System functions

System options

Technical data


WGS 200

The new changer concept revolutionises the coin handling
for casinos and arcades

Very high coin capacity
up to 25.000 coins of 2,- Eur

Simple to use
with the casino style coin entry and optimum deposit slot height

Intelligent coin refill and fast empty with the new FREM Modul
A revolution in the area of money changing

The new FREM module makes it possible to have a supply of more than 25,000 coins without having the risk of coin jams. An automatic refilling system for the hoppers assures the operator an extremely fast emptying and replacement of hoppers. This change system is ideal for managing large volumes of coins with a minimum need for service.

 Leaflet WGS 200 (108 KB) download here

System design

System functions

System options

Technical data

WGS 300

The new changing concept

The multi-talent

All the functions of a money changing system due to a modular design concept

New operating concept
All deposit and dispensing openings are located in the centre of the money changing system

Menu guidance by means of four keys and display
Function of the keys is shown on the display for the customers or technicians.
LC-display and 4 illuminated multifunction buttons made of metal, make optimum interaction with the money changing system possible, both for operator and customer.

One to four hoppers for dispensing coins and / or tokens, Three hoppers can be equipped with very large top units, resulting in a maximum possible money stock of 30.000 EURO (15.000 coins).

 Leaflet WGS 300 (103 KB) download here

System design


System functions

System options

Technical data

WGS 1001

The "Jack of All Trades"

High degree of flexibility

Modular design, changes banknotes into coins and coins into banknotes, Integrated Cash-In-Out interface for numerous additional components

High degree of security against break-in, manipulation, and sabotage
Double locking system (security class C), First-class checking and dispensing systems, with control unit Change Tech 3000, perfect security when checking, processing, and dispensing

Service-friendly thanks to drawer technology
Two drawers arranged on top of one another with a maximum of three coin dispensing units and banknote acceptors each ensure an optimum service concept.

 Leaflet WGS 1001 (83 KB) download here

System design

System functions

System options

Technical data

WGS 2001

High performance with a high-level of service

Highly modern and flexible
Extensive equipment possibilities and modular basic design for all purposes in the area of money changing.

Maximum capacity with maximum security
Up to eight coin and two banknote dispensing units make a large number of coins, tokens, and banknotes possible, very good security concept with locking technology.

Service-friendly thanks to drawer technology
Two drawers arranged on top of one another for four coin dispensing units each. Pull-out mechanism for the banknote acceptor for simple maintenance.

 Leaflet WGS 2000 (110 KB) download here

System design

Selection of the banknote acceptor
JCM EBA 30  5,-to 500,- €
JCM UBA  5,-to 500,- € 
Mars Sodeco BNA 56  5,-to 500,- €

Coin acceptor NRI G40
acceptance of 0.05 to 2.00 EURO with 3x- or 4x-resorting

4 to 8 hoppers
Dispensing coins and tokens

Up to 2 banknote dispensing units
Dispensing of one denomination
stock per unit: approx. 1000 banknotes

Dispensing of the coins and banknotes into a dispensing tray

Simple operator guidance, error notification and statistics display

System functions

System options

Technical data


The new dimension in money changing

Clearly first-class
At first glance, one notices the clear and compact design of the new GeWeTe money changer. The 15-inch touch-display and the acceptance components (chip card reader, banknote acceptor, and coin acceptor) arranged at the same height are remarkable. Optimum user guidance by means of a graphic interface coupled with perfect function as well as the possibility of constant upgrades for the product in order to fulfill the requirements of tomorrow, this is the heart of the Cash Center system!


High-tech changer with high-quality equipment

Large 15 inch LC display with touchscreen

Modern PC and databank technology

Money accounts with receipt

Customer commitment systems

Remote dial-in, remote readout, and remote adjustment

 Leaflet Cash-Center (258 KB) download here



High-tech changer

The Cash Center, the money changer for a new generation:

As a result, the Cash Center is the ultimate system for absolutely secure “money changing” in all directions and fulfils all requirements of the central cash management inside a modern gaming establishment or a casino, for example, or at any other location.

Touchscreen technology

The Cash Center is easy and intuitive to use due to a 15-inch touchscreen. Touching the interface is sufficient and the system starts dispensing the selected coins, banknotes, or tokens. Once or numerous times.

Each type of use has its own operating area.
From the normal operating area for the “money changing” function, one can use special chip cards to manage money accounts, to reach service functions, customer commitment functions, and time recording.
The following table shows the current functions, as well as the call-up authorizations for the three stored groups of people. The scope of functions will naturally continue to grow in the coming years!

Modern PC and databank technology

The software of the Cash Center runs on a high-quality PC-unit. This makes technological upgrades and use of the PC-standards possible.

A participant can be saved in the databank of the system for each type of application. Customers, the on-site personnel, and technicians receive differing access rights. Individual adaptation of the settings are possible. Each transaction, each access is recorded by the system and can be exported to an Excel® compatible file – which means that the evaluation process knows no bounds!

Access to the data highway is included, because numerous readouts and settings can be made on the Cash Center and local money accounts can be managed. Extensive statistics overviews can be viewed and often printed directly on-site. And all of this is naturally also possible remotely - all you need is an Internet browser and a means of dialing into the Cash Center.

“From practical applications for practical applications” is the motto for failure security: If the PC fails, the essential functions of “Money Changing” can still be guaranteed by simply switching a key-operated switch!

The modular concept

Large 15 inch LC display with touchscreen
for optimum operation

Choose your banknote acceptor
JCM EBA 30, JCM UBA 10, or Mars Sodeco BNA 56 with 1000 banknote drawer

Coin acceptor NRI G40 with resorting
Choose between 2x, 3x, or 4x resorting

* Hopper 2 cannot be used if the NSM banknote acceptor or Mars Sodeco BNA 56 are installed. As a result, no resorting via Hopper 2 is possible!

Extremely high coin capacity
2, 3, or 4 hoppers for dispensing coins or tokens;
Often with very large top units that make a max. coin capacity of up to 30,000 € possible

All hoppers on a retractable drawer
Simple, service and maintenance friendly

1000 banknote dispensing unit
Guarantees high security during dispensing

Chip card reader
For the identification of customers, on-site personnel, and technicians

Printer with automatic cutter
For account receipts and statistics printouts

A dispensing tray for everything
Banknotes, coins, receipts, and vouchers

Technical data

x = im Lieferumfang / o = optional

Equipment and technical data

Cash Center

GeWeTe security x

Security class B
High degree of security

Banknote acceptor x

Choice between 4 different banknote acceptors.
See "subsequent overview of the banknote acceptor!

Coin acceptor o

NRI G40 with mit 2x, 3x or 4x Resorting
See overview in "The modular concept

Hopper x

Basic equipment 2 hoppers  /  max. 4 hoppers
Hopper 1: Very large top unit always possible
Hopper 2: Always without top unit                 
When the Mars Sodeco banknote acceptor                 
is used, hopper position 2 cannot be occupied
Hopper 3: Very large top unit possible
with coin acceptor without top unit
Hopper 4: Very large top unit possible
when coin resorting is utilized, no top unit can be used

Note dispenser o

Mini Mech Notedispenser from DeLaRue
Easy Filling / High security
Holds up to 1000 street grade Bank notes

Card reader x

2 Administrator and 4 Staff cards
more cards possible (User / Staff / Administrator)

Internal printer x

Hengstler Pixi 2 printer
with automatic cutter
100 m paper roll

PC Unit x

state of the artPC with USV
and Cash-Center software package
ISDN / DSL coming soon


Cabinet (height/width/depth): 170 cm / 73 cm / 46 cm
Floor plate (width/depth): 91 cm / 75 cm


Cabinet: approx.180 kg
Floor plate: approx. 44 kg


Overview Bank note acceptor

note acceptor JCM
EBA 30
UBA 10
Löwen BNP
mit Dispenser
Mars Sodeco
BNA 56

5,- to 200,- Eur


5,- to 500,- Eur

x x x

Stacker for approx. 500 notes

x x

closed stacker
700/800 notes


self locking cassett
for 1000 notes


note cahbox

x x o x

centering of the note

x x x patentiertes Mundstück

Anti-Pull-Back Unit

Schließung über gesamte Notenbreite Schließung über gesamte Notenbreite Hebel Banknote wir an anderer Position ausgegeben

für 2 Notenwerte


Hopper 2 entfällt

x x

Bemerkung zur Notenprüfung

gesamte Notenbreite gesamte Notenbreite
Sensorik optimiert für Euro
Teilbereiche der Note Teilbereiche der Note
Sensorik optimiert für Euro


Overview: Hopper capacity

Capacity per hopper Hopper
without top unit
with large top unit
0,50 Eur approx. 700,- Eur approx. 3.300,- Eur
1,00 Eur approx. 1.400,- Eur approx. 6.350,- Eur
2,00 Eur approx. 2.400,- Eur approx. 11.000,- Eur





Money Changer Add Ons

There is more behind the GeWeTe changers

For more information contact us via mail or phone.

Cash Machine Systems

Gewete was founded in 1993 in Mechernich near Cologne as a subsidiary of the Gauselmann Goup with the goal of developing money changing and cash machins systems.

With more than 17,000 installed systems, GeWeTe is one of the leading companies on the market. In the past few years, the numbers of exports have been steadily increased.

Today, GeWeTe develops, manufactures, and markets cash machines, which are utilized in various areas.
Examples of this applications in recreational facilities (pools, wellness centers, health clubs, fun parcs, etc.) and public facilities (airports, train stations, hospitals, cafeterias, etc.)

The product concept of GeWeTe is bases on four pillars:

Modularity the perfect adaption to customer requirements
Security the special security concept protects against theft, vandalism and counterfeits
Reliability with the use of high quality and longe stablished components
Functionality simplest handling and maintenance

In addition to checking, processing, and dispensing coins and banknotes, GeWeTe implements new technologies in the area of:

E-Payment cashless payments with card systems for change and cash machine systems (online/offline).

Smart Card payment for products and Services at cash machines by means of a rechargeable chip card.

High Degree of security and stable design

The cash machines of the KAS-serie re marked by an optimum degree of security against manipulation, break-in, and sabotage.
All housings are made of high-quality plate steel or stainless steel in case of outdoor variants.
The double-paneled front door of the machine system is protected against break-in by means of 5-point espagnolette lock and a two-way lock mechanism. Quality that ist worth it!

The machines are vcontrolled via a PC-system by means of a serial connection.
Internally, all components are connected with one another by means of a bus system and can be activted by means of the CIOnet software interface.
This interface makes it possible to quickly and easily connect it to your own applications.

For more information contact
Stefan Schmitz
Sales cash machine solutions
Tel.: ++49 (0) 22 56 - 30 00 -85
Mobil: ++49 (0) 175 / 587 11 21

Special Systems

VKA 100

Medal purchase made easy



Minimum space needed
Small, compact solution with stand.
Coin acceptance and dispensing of up to two medals provided in the
smallest of spaces.

High level of security
In the checking, processing, and dispensing of coins and medals.

Solid construction
Steel plate housing with 3-point locking and high-quality security lock.
Tough 2-layer painting crystal colour.

Optimum presentation of the medals
Illuminated view window makes it possible to place original keys in the
"right light". Two keys allow the customer to select between two
different types of medals.

Optionally with banknote acceptor
or coin acceptor


VKA System design

VKA System functions


VKA Technical data 


Banknote counter

Safely count on these two models 

    CC 20 EXTREM ...more


      EC 1000 ...more


CC 20 extrem

Counting and checking of a mixed bundle of Euro banknote  
unattached from the note orientation

Function Explanation
Notes all euro banknotes from 5,- to 500,-
Operation verification, valuation and counting 
Speed up to 1000 notes per minute
Detection UV, IF, FL and magnetic characteristics
Technical Data weight: approx. 6 kg


 User manual CC 20 extrem (915 KB) download here


EC 1000

Mixed counter for banknotes

System design and system functions

Counting and approving of a mixed bundle of Euro banknotes regardless of the bill orientation. In addition, a banknote values can be sorted out of a mixed bundle of Euro banknotes. All other banknote values are placed in to the turn drawer. Banknote sorting depending upon direction.


Euro banknotes and standard US Dollars
Banknote processing
Checking, valuation, counting and separation
Counting speed
Up to 1200 banknotes are counted per minute
UV and / or magnetic characteristics

Acceptance drawer: Capacity for max. 300 banknotes
Dispensing drawer: Capacity for max. 200 banknotes
Turn drawer: Capacity for max. 70 banknotes

Contact us

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Aristidis Tsikouras
Vertriebsleiter / Sales Director

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In many european countries our money changing and cash handlings systems are sold by qualified distributors.

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